THE TRIALS OF SPRING is a major cross media event that tells the stories of nine women on the front lines of change in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Bahrain and Yemen.  It includes a feature-length documentary, six short films, and articles by award-winning journalists about women and their unwavering quest for social justice and freedom.

THE TRIALS OF SPRING launched as a special event on The New York Times homepage on June 7, culminating with the World Premiere of the feature documentary at the 2015 Human Rights Watch Film Festival on June 12.  

We’re bringing The Trials of Spring to audiences worldwide in partnership with Fork Films. Interested in hosting a screening for your community or classroom? Request the short films and feature film!

The feature film follows three Egyptian women: Hend Nafea, a young religious Muslim from the countryside who is now facing a likely jail sentence for her role in the uprisings; Mariam Kirollos, a young, urban Christian who has long been passionate about women’s rights; and Khadiga Hennawi, a formerly veiled widow in her 60s who earned the nickname “Mama K” for assuming the role of caretaker of the revolutionaries. These women’s intersecting personal and political journeys over the last nearly four years are emblematic of the experience of women across the region, and their stories illuminate the vital – and often underreported – role women play in shaping its future. The film is intended for festival and theatrical release in 2015, to be followed by an anticipated U.S. public television broadcast and international release.THE TRIALS OF SPRING is created by Abigail Disney and Gini Reticker, the team behind the award-winning documentary PRAY THE DEVIL BACK TO HELL and Executive Producers of the PBS special series WOMEN, WAR & PEACE. The production and post-production team is comprised of top American and local crews whose credits include The SquareWe Are the GiantBully, Lemon and Watchers of the Sky.

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Executive Producers Abigail E. Disney  Sally Jo Fifer  Gini Reticker  Regina K. Scully Logo Design and Digital Art Direction Thomas Cobb Group Digital Campaign MediaStorm Film Title Design and Art Direction Moniker New York Composer Blake Leyh Shorts Directors Dalia Ali  Mona Eldaief  Cameron Hickey Digital Director Lauren Feeney Film Cinematographers Mohamed S. Amir  Tamer Ashry  Aida ElKashef  Muhammed Hamdy Film Editor Jenny Golden Producer Beth Levison Film Director Gini Reticker

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