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After yesterday’s health care vote, we were like:

Small Victories Issue 18Small Victories Issue 18

And we’re still processing everything because it all happened so quickly, but one thing is clear— we must be louder and more active than ever to stop the Republicans from unraveling our health care. But here’s some good news: It’s been less than 24 hours since the vote, and already we’re seeing organizing in overdrive to defeat this bill in the Senate.

Need ideas? You can donate to the opponents of swing district Republicans who voted for Trumpcare; download—and share—Indivisible’s emergency Trumpcare resistance toolkit or protest-planning guide; and contribute to MoveOn’s Trumpcare Accountability Fund.

So, our message to the representatives that voted yes:

Small Victories Issue 18

Let’s do this.

Your weekly songspiration

May Day—aka International Worker’s Day—inspired protests in the United States and around the world.

There were local May Day actions too, like in North Carolina where Durham Beyond Policing created a People’s City Council. And in Texas, people occupied their governor’s office to pressure him to veto an extremist anti-immigrant bill. While the bill is expected to be signed into law, the fight is far from over:

“We all want to think we would have protested with Martin Luther King or Gandhi; we are at that point in time now.”
Pastor Jim Rigby

2. Our government isn’t shutting down! (For now anyway ?  OMG)
This was a bipartisan agreement, and a lot of programs that are near and dear to our hearts— like Planned Parenthood, the NIH, PBS, NPR, and the EPA—will continue to receive funding. Here are a couple of breakdowns that explain what’s in and what’s out.

3. More than 300,000 people rallied at the People’s Climate March in Washington, DC and 370 sister marches around the country. This quick time-lapse video of the DC march, led by young people of color and Indigenous leaders, is a beautiful sight indeed. 

4. Chokwe Antar Lumumba won Jackson, Mississippi’s mayoral race, carrying on his father’s legacy.

5. Thanks to Solidarity Sundays’ postcard campaign, the mayor of Alameda agreed to sign the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

6. Fox News co-president Bill Shine is OUT. All these changes at Fox News have us feeling like:

Small Victories Issue 18

7. A federal judge ruled that prisons must provide transgender inmates clothes and accessories that match their identity.

8. Google and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales are joining the fight against fake news. #thetruthwillprevail

9. The Writers Guild of America reached a deal with major studios that ensures solvency for their health care plans, plus gains in pay and guaranteed parental leave. We’ll be thinking #ThankYOUnion when we’re watching The Handmaid’s Tale season two?

Small Victories Issue 18

10. Wyoming men wore tutus to bars and restaurants to protest their Republican Senator’s comments that a man who wears a tutu to a bar “kind of asks” to be assaulted. #LiveAndLetTutu

As we pull ourselves together and head into the weekend, we thought there was no better way to wrap up the week than by listening to this Storycorps podcast with Sissy Godwin (the man at the center of #LiveAndLetTutu) and his wife Vicky. #love #allthefeels

P.S. Check out our favorite protesters at this week’s Trump rally. #717BikeLife.

P.P.S. Our brains on beliefs.

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