SEE Peace encourages people to see themselves as peacebuilders in their own communities—and beyond.

Great films and other media that feature women’s leadership can be powerful catalysts for inspiring change and provoking action. They deserve to be seen widely and talked about. But not all of them are.

Inspired by our experience with the award-winning documentary film Pray the Devil Back to Hell, our SEE Peace program amplifies the reach of independent films through screening-and-discussion events that reach new audiences—and deepen viewers’ engagement as peacebuilders.

The Films

The Armor of Light

Peace is Loud is proud to serve as an outreach partner for the documentary film The Armor of Light, available for preorder on iTunes and coming soon to Netflix. Learn more about the film and host a screening in your community.

The Trials of Spring

We’re bringing The Trials of Spring to audiences worldwide in partnership with Fork Films. Interested in hosting a screening for your community or classroom? Request the short films and feature film!

Women, War & Peace

We’re bringing the acclaimed documentary series Women, War & Peace to audiences worldwide in partnership with Fork Films and THIRTEEN. All five films in the series and a new resource and discussion guide are now available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish. Request the films for free!